About Us

Kimbers Kit Military Supplies is a small family business administered from Swansea, Wales. We are an online provider that stocks military and outdoor kit and equipment from reputable brands. It was established in October 2014 by an experienced Cadet Force Officer who has served over 25 years.

After spending many years within a Detachment and working with young people it was our goal to establish a business which offers local affordable kit and equipment to cadets and others alike through direct sales and web sales.

We have developed this website and ensure that we stock items from reputable manufacturers allowing cadets and others alike to prosper through the Cadet Force syllabus.

Our commitment is to deliver you high quality goods at reasonable prices. All our prices are below the recommended retail price.

Whatever your budget, we can accommodate and will go all out to find the perfect product for you. Should you need any advice before you purchase our staff are on hand and happy to help.